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Dan Baune and Peter Ellis

After many years of successfully performing on some of the biggest stages in the rock and metal world with his band Monument, Dan Baune decided to focus more in the area of music production, forming Noise Foundry in early 2019.

With years of experience in music production and other areas of the music business, the Noise Foundry team's goal is to help artists realise their vision and deliver recordings that capture real performances and the unique aspects of their art, and at the same time produce a product that is commercially viable in today's global music landscape.

Dan and his team have worked with industry giants such as Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Sebastian Bach), Tony Newton (Iron Maiden, The Treatment, British Lion), Scott Atkins (Sylosis, AmonAmarth, Cradle Of Filth) Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Primal Fear), Dan Svanö (Rage, Opeth, Evergrey) and Robert Venable (Megadeth, INXS, Twenty One Pilots).

Whether it's a newly formed band looking to discover their sound, or an established artist with a clear vision of what they would like to achieve, our team can provide tailor-made packages to suit each project's specific needs.

Audio Samples


Reverend Hound - Enter My Nightmare
CalatrilloZ - Psalms of Zahyin
Fractera Eden - Everbleeding Scars
Bealdera - The Battle Of Our Lives
Monument - Hair Of The Dog
Monument - Hellhound
Monument - Renegades
Day40 - Only The Stones Remain
Maya - Ravens Noose Requiem
BeatRock - The Feelings In My Heart
David Cazalet - Requiem for Aleppo
Monument - Deja Vu
Snake Eyes - Dark Shadows
The Dead Rabbit Gang - Return Of The Rabbit
Alberto El Patron - The Crown

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